Install & Upgrade SQL Script

Installation of a SQLHTTP database is best done via a Transact-SQL script. Simply open the Install Script using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and execute!

Un-install SQL Script

You can easily drop the SQLHTTP database, along with the Asymmetric Key and related login, from your SQL Server installation. Our Un-Install Script can simplify the process and ensure that no steps are missed.

SQLHTTP Agent Windows Service

SQLHTTP Agent is a Windows Service that can be installed on any Windows machine with a network connection to the SQL Server instance containing the SQLHTTP database.

It provides the following functionality:

  • Ability to execute HTTP Requests from the Windows Service instead of the SQL Server
  • Asynchronous execution of multiple HTTP Requests simultaneously
  • Callback URL handling of Multi-legged OAauth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0