Facilitates the Redirect URL step of an OAuth2 or a three-legged OAuth 1.0a Authorization

  • Stored Procedure
  • SQL Server Compatibility: 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017


EXEC @UserBrowseToURL, [@RedirectURL], [@RedirectURL], [@Timeout], [@QueryString OUTPUT], [@Body OUTPUT], [@TimeoutReached OUTPUT], [@StatusCode OUTPUT], [@StatusDescription OUTPUT]


Name Type Description
@UserBrowseToURL nvarchar(MAX) Required. The URL that the user should navigate to according to the third-party API’s authentication documentation
@RedirectURL varchar(100)

Optional. The Redirect_URL (scheme://host:port) established for OAuth1.0a or OAuth2.0 API credentials. If the host portion of the URL is other than localhost, then see RedirectURL.

Default: http://localhost:53200

@Timeout int

Optional. The number of minutes allotted for the user to complete the authentication steps using a browser directly on the SQL Server machine.

Default: 60

@QueryString nvarchar(4000) Optional. Read-Only. Output Parameter. The query string returned to the RedirectURLHost
@Body nvarchar(4000) Optional. Read-Only. Output Parameter. The Body content returned to the RedirectURLHost
@TimeoutReached bit Optional. Read-Only. Output Parameter. Indicates whether a timeout condition was encountered


See the usp_Dropbox_v2_Auth_Init stored procedure implementation on the following page for a detailed example.

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